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All Units have in-house heat treatment facility –

Hand Tools Division is equipped with Shaker Hearth Furnace it is a Gas fired furnace with Polymer quenching having 5 Electric tempering Zone. It is used for Heat Treatment of all type of hand tools.

Forging Division is equipped with a Continus Pusher type SCAD Based Heat treatment plant which is capable for ISO Annealing, Normalizing, Harding and tempering of various forgings. Capacity of plant is around 22 metric ton per day.

Leaf Spring Division is equipped with Walking Beam type Fully automatic PLC control 12mt. German make Hardening Furnace with Oil Quenching With a capacity of 2500 metric ton and 15mt. Long Tempering Furnace, used for the heat treatment of Various Leaf springs.

Shaker Hearth Furnace

Continus Pusher Type Furnace

Walking Beam Type Furnace

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