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Event Date of Event Book closure Notice of AGM
Start Date End Date
A.G.M. 22-Sep-23 15-Sep-23 22-Sep-23
A.G.M. 30-Sep-22 17-Sep-22 23-Sep-22
A.G.M. 30-Sep-21 20-Sep-21 26-Sep-21
A.G.M. 29-Sep-20 19-Sep-20 25-Sep-20
A.G.M. 25-Sep-19 14-Sep-19 20-Sep-19
A.G.M. 28-Sep-18 22-Sep-18 28-Sep-18
A.G.M. 22-Sep-17 16-Sep-17 22-Sep-17
A.G.M. 30-Sep-16 26-Sep-16 30-Sep-16
A.G.M. 30-Sep-15 25-Sep-15 30-Sep-15
A.G.M. 29-Sep-14 25-Sep-14 29-Sep-14
A.G.M. 27-Sep-13 24-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
A.G.M. 29-Sep-12 25-Sep-12 29-Sep-12
A.G.M. 26-Sep-11 22-Sep-11 26-Sep-11
A.G.M. 24-Sep-10 21-Sep-10 24-Sep-11
A.G.M. 30-Sep-09 25-Sep-09 30-Sep-09
A.G.M. 26-Sep-08 22-Sep-08 26-Sep-08
A.G.M. 28-Sep-07 22-Sep-07 28-Sep-07
A.G.M. 10-Nov-06 25-Sep-06 30-Sep-06
A.G.M. 28-Sep-05 22-Sep-05 28-Sep-05

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